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"Virtual is as virtual does."

(Virtual Forest Gump)

Ghost Projector Kit

$30.00 + shipping

Home haunters--check out interesting instructional dvds on how to turn your place into a horrific haunt.

Or if you're totally clueless & want to learn more about projected reality,  click here.

These Hollywood quality effects work with any standard video projector. Click here to see the other equipment we have in stock.

Floating & Walking Ghosts

$58.00 + shipping

Need a date for the big Halloween party?

I've got the perfect one for you, as long as you don't mind if they float.

Or if you prefer someone more solid & don't mind that they bite, a vampire is always fun--until the sun comes up.

He's the genius behind this incredible 3D effects process.

Click here for more about Jon.

And who is Jon Hyers?



"Customers are sitting at their computers buying these dvds & your store isn't selling them. Let's change that…"

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virtual video projection decor for Christmas, Halloween, dramatic productions & displays with Jon Hyers effects

Tired of the same old decorations for the holidays?

Need eye catching effects for your  drama productions (like rats for "Les Miserables")

or displays (books flying in the air for a book show)?

Or want to wave a wand & create the best magic birthday party ever?

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Any questions, comments or know a good virtual joke?

Email me, Julie, at





The standard domestic shipping rate is $7.75.

International rates do apply & must be added to your order. For

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And you know what Halloween means, right? Exactly! Christmas is just around the corner.

Click here to see the jolly Christmas effects.

Virtual Santa

$25.00 + shipping

What's new…?

Projection Effects 1

featuring virtual rats for "Les Miserables"

View of Civil War Soldier in the front door